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Milwaukee HVAC Contractors Keeping Fresh Air In and Staleness Out

The air you breathe at home shouldn’t be smelly, stale, and humid. Even clean homes can acquire odor over time. Your family deserves better. Donovan & Jorgenson’s local Milwaukee HVAC installation services are provided with the latest air purifying technology to keep your home or building comfortable and odorless.
SummerAire HVAC systems for Waukesha

Clean air not only makes breathing easier, but is also better for everyone’s health. The SummerAire heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is your solution to fresher air. The easy-to-use HRV saves you time and money with its energy-efficient qualities. Let the Energy Star Logo-awarded SummerAire heat recovery ventilator lead you to better air, purifying one room at a time.

The SummerAire heat recovery ventilator ranks among the finest ventilation systems on the market. The ventilator core comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and the electric components have a full 5-year warranty, ensuring you lasting quality.

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How Does the SummerAire HRV Work?

Heart recovery ventilators operate by removing odor from air while heating or cooling your home. The SummerAire HRV performs a fresh air exchange by removing stale air as it circulates heated air through the HVAC system.

This HRV is user-friendly and includes various external control options with different models ranging from a 20-minute remote timer to full feature digital controls.

Why Purchase an HRV System?

Though your home is well insulated, indoor pollutants and excess humidity are trapped, creating a hazardous environment for your family. Unhealthy repercussions will follow, bringing sickness to everyone in the house. Air remains stale and stuffy, causing increased growth of mold, fungus, and mildew. Some side effects of poor air quality are trouble sleeping, upper respiratory issues, and frequent sickness.

The SummerAire heat recovery ventilator reduces the amount of bacteria and fungus in the air, making it safe and healthy to breathe. The HRV freshens the air and removes sitting moisture on sinks, tubs, and fridges.

Our ventilation experts install the perfect systems for your home or business, keeping your air pollutant-free. Count on Donovan and Jorgenson to purify your air, maintaining a clean environment for everyone. 

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