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PremierOne Millennium MUV403H-16/5 Germicidal & Activated Oxygen UV Air PurifierPremierone Millenium UV Air Purifier

This premium residential unit provides a reasonable cost home solution for the control of bacteria, viruses and other microbials. Plus it oxidizes gases removing odors. Now with more powerful germicadal twin H lamp.

The Premierone UV Air Purifier is energy efficient due to our proprietary solid state design. One lamp controls bacteria, viruses, mold spores (pathogens), while the second lamp oxidizes gases and removes odors.


120-240VAC - Manufactured using UL Approved Parts, Patented Long Lasting Lamps - Two Year Lamp Lifespan and Output @1 M uW/cm2 180.

This unit controls bacteria, viruses, mold spores (pathogens) & odors.

PremierOne MUV-403H UV Air Purifier Product Information (pdf)

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