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Keep your Home Warm all Winter

With winter fast approaching, now is the time to ensure your furnace system is fully functional and operating efficiently. No matter what type of furnace you have, there are a few things Milwaukee homeowners can do to keep your home warm and comfortable all winter. Regular maintenance from our NATE certified technicians will ensure safe, efficient operation of your furnace throughout many snowy seasons.

5 Tips to Keep Your Furnace Running at Optimal Condition

Check your FilterWaukesha HVAC Technicians

Make sure your filter is clean – a clogged or dirty filter will significantly restrict the flow of heated air from your furnace. This will cause it to work harder and deliver less heat, raising your monthly energy bills.

Check your Home Vents

Much like the filter, a blocked vent leads to decreased furnace efficiency. The air in your home needs to circulate easily through the vents – so cooler air can be easily returned to the furnace and your home is kept comfortable.

Ensure Proper Placement of the Blower Doors

Proper blower door placement keeps your home safe. Secure doors ensure combustion byproducts, like deadly carbon monoxide, do not get mixed in with the warm air circulated through your home.

Check your Blower Belt

Check to make sure your belt isn’t frayed or cracked. A loose belt increases the running time of your furnace, which increases your monthly energy bills.

Remove all Flammable Objects near your Furnace and Water Heater

To remove any potential fire hazards, ensure the entire area around both your furnace and water heater is clear of boxes, clothes, paints and any other miscellaneous objects which could be flammable.

Certified Milwaukee HVAC Technicians

The Donovan & Jorgenson team has been providing unbeatable HVAC services to home and business owners throughout Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties since 1985. From installing an entirely new furnace system, to routine maintenance and 24/7 emergency HVAC services, our team is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Don’t get left in the cold this winter, call our team today!

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