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Furnace Tune-Ups Reducing the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning This Winter 

During cold Wisconsin winters, the number of carbon monoxide poisonings increase across the Milwaukee area. A common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning during winter tends to be a result of a cracked or faulty heat exchanger. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, extremely dangerous gas, which is toxic to humans and pets. Regular inspection and maintenance of your heat exchanger and furnace is crucial to avoid a deadly carbon monoxide leak in your home. We offer a number of services to keep your heat exchanger running smoothly and efficiently. At Donovan and Jorgenson, our exceptional team of HVAC technicians are dedicated to keeping your family safe and warm this winter.

What is the Heat Exchanger and How Does it Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

The heat exchanger is not your actual furnace. A heat exchanger is a system of stainless steel or copper pipes which moves hot air from your furnace around your home. Carbon monoxide is present in nearly every Milwaukee gas burning furnace, as part of the gas combustion process. As long as your furnace and heat exchanger are in good working order, the heat exchanger keeps the dangerous carbon monoxide gasses contained. 

The threat occurs when there is a crack in the heat exchanger. A crack permits outside air to disturb the normal gas combustion patterns. This disturbance leads to an increase of carbon monoxide production, which gets pushed out the air vents and into your home. 

Open your windows and get out of your house immediately if you or a member of your family begins to feel or experience: 



The above symptoms are key indicators of carbon monoxide poisoning. Depending on the amount of carbon monoxide released, exposure for even a few minutes can lead to irreparable heart complications, central nervous system damage, and even death. 

HVAC Contractors Keeping Your Furnace and Heat Exchanger in Working Order

At Donovan & Jorgenson, we provide a variety of services to ensure your heat system runs effectively all winter long. We service a number of heating systems including:



Our team of Milwaukee HVAC contractors have years of experience preforming furnace maintenance and tune ups. From inspecting your basement exhaust flues to checking gas fittings near the furnace and the boiler for leaks, we guarantee you’ll be safe and comfortable this winter. Our NATE certified HVAC technicians have an unmatched level of workmanship and attention to detail. We will get the job done quickly and efficiently using innovative and effective techniques to ensure expert heating system repairs and maintenance. 

Contact our Milwaukee HVAC technicians for repair and maintenance services keeping your home and family safe all winter long.
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