Heating and Cooling System Control for Superior Energy Efficiency

Donovan & Jorgenson has made a commitment to do the job right and in doing so we ensure our products deliver the utmost highest efficiency. We carry a variety of Milwaukee heating and cooling systems designed with technological advanced features.

Amana Furnaces and Heat Pumps Deliver High Ratings

As the top Amana furnace dealer in Milwaukee we know Amana’s heating and cooling products offer greater efficiency compared to other HVAC manufacturers.  Amana heat pumps have the highest SEER and HSPF ratings in the heating industry.  Amana products are trusted for their long lasting performance and efficiency.

AirEase Furnaces, Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

AirEase furnaces are designed with high efficiency gas valves and 2 stage heating options. These advanced designs deliver more for homes.  AirEase furnaces come standard with its exclusive EHX™ Technology.  The EHX technology offers a state-of-the-art crimping process which reduces fatigue from heat strain, improves airflow and efficiency.  Increase the comfort of your home while decreasing your energy bills with an AirEase furnace, air conditioner or heat pump.

Heating and Cooling Unit Accessories Deliver Premium HVAC Solutions

The Zone System

Zone systems are designed and ideal for multiple story homes. They also serve a better purpose for homes with several unused rooms.  The zone system provides homeowners with an even comfort level throughout the home while lowering energy bills at the same time. Each zone is installed with an individual thermometer to provide reliable climate control despite the weather outside. A typical basement is cooler than the rest of the home.  With a zone system, the basement will remain cool in the summer without the need of an air conditioner thereby providing lower energy bills.

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