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Milwaukee NATE Certified HVAC Specialists Provide Best A/C System Tune UpsAir Conditioner Tune Up Repair Milwaukee

Donovan & Jorgenson service technicians are the best option for your HVAC maintenance needs in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Annual HVAC system maintenance is highly beneficial. In the absence of annual maintenance, your A/C system could be sprouting leaks from the air transportation ducts, or there could be dirty filters and coils. This damage dramatically increases the energy needed to cool your home, raising your energy bills. Dirty filters and coils make the system run inefficiently, also increasing the energy consumption of your home.

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Many homeowners think an annual tune up is unnecessary. At Donovan & Jorgenson, we know annual air conditioning and air handler precision tune ups prevent the need for costly repairs in the future. Your A/C system will continue running efficiently and safely all summer. Our expert technicians will extend the life of your equipment and fix any problems before they get worse to save you money long-term. Call our Milwaukee HVAC specialists for a spring tune up to clear away any dust, debris, or other problems caused by disuse over the winter months. Our technicians will have your air conditioner running smoothly and effectively before the summer heat arrives.

Sometimes a tune up is not enough and your system is simply beyond repair. An old A/C system needing repeated and increasingly expensive repairs may need to be replaced. Some signs that your HVAC system is getting too old include:

Although the upfront cost for a new installation is high, you will save money in the long run by eliminating the frequent repair costs. A newer A/C system will be more energy-efficient than the old one, and many new air conditioners have a warranty that covers some repairs.

All of our service technicians are NATE certified, knowledgeable and skilled providing professional service throughout Milwaukee County. Our technicians check all electrical connections, measure for correct readings and clean dirty parts in connection with the A/C unit.

Contact the Milwaukee A/C repair technicians at Donovan & Jorgenson to have your unit serviced today.

Air Conditioning Precision Tune Up:

  • Adjust thermostat and level
  • (recommend battery replacement annually)
  • Inspect basement exhaust flues for safety
  • Measure adequate air for safe combustion of appliances
  • Clean electrical compartment
  • Inspect and clean contactor
  • Check all wiring and connections
  • Measure all capacitor readings
  • Measure compressor amps
  • Check condenser fan amps
  • Determine metering device (txv, orifice)
  • Clean drain lines from indoor coil
  • Remove and clean filter or recommend replacement
  • Calculate Subcooling or Superheat
  • Adjust for proper temperature drop
  • Reseal any plenum leaks
  • Reseal outside wall penetrations if needed
  • Clean condensing coil and clear debris from unit
  • Inform customer of AMA savings for next year

Air Handler Precision tune up:

  • Inspect blower assembly and clean louvers
  • Clean blower motor and lubricate if necessary
  • Measure capacitor readings
  • Check wiring and connections in air handler
  • Measure voltage and amp draw
  • Clean drain lines from unit
  • Inspect secondary drain line for blockage
  • Test wet switch or float switch
  • Remove and clean filter or recommend replacement
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