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Milwaukee Businesses Benefit from Cool Indoor Temperatures

Shoppers at Milwaukee Mall in SummerWhile Wisconsin is known for cold weather in winter, the summer heat can be just as bad. No one wants to shop while sweating. And employees who are busy trying to cool off won’t be very efficient workers. Businesses throughout the Milwaukee keep customers and employees cool with air conditioners installed, maintained, and repaired by Donovan & Jorgenson HVAC technicians.

There are two primary types of cooling systems for commercial buildings in Wisconsin:

Efficient A/C Units for Commercial Properties

The size and layout of your building will determine which type of cooling system will work best. The more square footage you have, the harder your system has to work. Our NATE certified technicians can handle even the most complex setups for your building’s HVAC installation.

If your building has an A/C unit which is overworked or outdated, ask us about an upgrade. Modern A/C units are designed to be more efficient and energy conscious. Replacing your inefficient unit now will lead to more long-term savings.

Improve Worker Comfort and Productivity

Sweltering temperatures outside can lead to uncomfortable heat inside. Employees shouldn’t spend their entire workday finding ways to stay cool in the midst of a heatwave. A professionally installed A/C unit from Donovan & Jorgenson will keep them cool. A happy, comfortable employee will focus more on their work.

A temperature-controlled office is vital for any company dealing with lots of technology. Computers and servers can easily overheat. Let our HVAC technicians install a new system so you can regulate the temperatures and protect your technology.

Cool Customers Spend More Money

All brick and mortar businesses in Wisconsin need a reliable HVAC system to keep their customers comfortable year round. Grocery stores in particular need even temperatures around produce and perishables. If your store is a refuge from the heat outside, shoppers are more likely to browse the shelves to keep cool.

Contact our technicians for options on installing or upgrading your current cooling system.

HVAC System Installation Services for Businesses

No cooling system is complete without heating for winter. Our commercial HVAC specialists install both heating and cooling systems for Milwaukee area businesses. From the coldest days of winter to heated summer nights, keep your customers and workers comfortable with an HVAC system from Donovan & Jorgenson.

Contact our NATE certified technicians for commercial A/C units for your business.
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