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Milwaukee’s Best Heating & Cooling Company Provides Convenient HVAC Solutions

Part of being a homeowner is doing your research. We all want to save money while receiving the best value for our home’s heating and cooling. Donovan & Jorgenson offers the information you need to make an informed decision on the top HVAC brands, all in one convenient location. We offer Wisconsin’s largest selection of home comfort equipment along with product details. Donovan & Jorgenson eliminates the need to further search for detailed information about the products we offer. We only work with the most trusted brands that offer reliable HVAC solutions for Wisconsin cities such as New Berlin, Waukesha, Milwaukee, and the surrounding areas. Everything you need to know is all right here!

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Air Conditioners

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Accessory Products 

Wisconsin Air Quality Products

There are a variety of accessories which further enhance the cleanliness, freshness and comfort of your home’s air. From monitoring and controlling indoor humidity to purifying the air and enhancing the performance, our heating and cooling accessories fine-tune the efficiency of your primary system. Heating and cooling system accessories include:

  • Air Cleaners
  • Humidifiers
  • Thermostat Controls
  • Zoning Systems

How to Pick an HVAC System for Wisconsin Homes 

Whether you are evaluating heating, cooling and related air quality systems for a new or existing home, the best choice in systems for your home depend upon a number of key factors including:

  • Your comfort expectations
  • The physical size and construction of your home
  • Your geographic region
  • Energy sources available and affordable
  • Budget considerations
  • If an existing home, the type of system which is being replaced

Donovan & Jorgenson technicians take all of these into account when selecting heating and cooling products for our customers.

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Heating and Cooling Systems Milwaukee Trusts for High Quality HVAC Solutions

Understanding the various types of Milwaukee heating and cooling systems available will help you understand the HVAC solution options available.  Donovan & Jorgenson’s sales consultants will provide details on each option and educate you on the accessories and controls needed.

Heating and Cooling Sizing for Your Home

It would be preferred if selecting the right system for your home simply involved selecting a favorite brand. However, there is no “one size fits all” solution within any one system brand.  Various heating and cooling system models have advantages in certain situations. It takes careful assessment of your home and matching the brand and model options to those exact needs. The ability to determine the options and provide comparisons takes professional knowledge and training.

These are some of the considerations which you and your contractor will discuss:

  • If you are replacing an existing system, a look at the type and the brand of the system will help determine if there are physical and financial reasons to consider a similar type and brand.
  • Various climates demand differing heating and cooling approaches. In colder regions, like we have in Wisconsin, a furnace or boiler combined with air conditioning is the most common. This may include options demanded by special needs.

Know your HVAC Installation Options

Energy resources are very important from both a financial and availability standpoint. You may also have personal preferences which need to be considered. Whether natural gas, oil or electricity is a solution depends upon such considerations.

It’s important to have a professional heating and cooling expert guide you through the comfort, air quality and security expectations to meet your specific needs. Once determined, those requirements need to be matched with your budget. Your most important and best choice is contacting the trusted and reliable Wisconsin HVAC design and installation company, Donovan & Jorgenson, Inc. for all your heating and cooling needs. We have HVAC financing options to make your new heating and cooling system affordable.

Understanding your Home's HVAC System

Heating, air conditioning and air cleaning systems are an investment for homeowners. As you work with our contractors, we’ll help you know as much of the terminology as possible so you can ask the questions which are important to your needs.

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