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AirEase Air Conditioning Systems Installed by Donovan & JorgensonAir Ease Air Conditioner

The HVAC experts at Donovan & Jorgenson are the go-to A/C installers for the Milwaukee metropolitan area. AirEase is a reliably high-quality A/C unit manufacturer, incorporating high-efficiency air conditioning units with MHT Technology and other energy saving features.

Every air conditioner and heat pump built by AirEase contains MHT technology which maximizes cooling performances through a unique fan shroud design and rifled coil tubing.

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Variable – Capacity Performance

Utilizing small increments to adjust cooling, the Variable-Capacity Inverter-Driven Scroll Compressor model combines keen energy use and smooth temperature control:

Air Ease’s variable capacity air cooling unit isn’t limited by two speed settings, making it a great addition to your home.

Two – Stage Performance

Control every part of your home’s environment with an Air Ease two-stage high performance air conditioner.

Donovan and Jorgenson’s air conditioner installation experts have years of experience installing furnaces and air conditioners in Milwaukee homes and businesses.

Single – Stage Performance Models

Energy efficient single stage air conditioners from Air Ease come in four high performing models:

These models each have unique features making them efficient cooling units for home use.

HVAC Installation and Repair Experts

Donovan and Jorgenson have been performing expert HVAC installations throughout southeast Wisconsin since 1985, and are waiting to hear from you. If your air conditioner is no longer up to snuff, or your furnace is inefficient and can’t heat your home, contact us today. We’ll make your home or business comfortable again.

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