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Amana gas furnaces are known for their reliability and durable craftsmanship. Their dedicated engineers have established Amana as a globalMilwaukee HVAC Services leader in innovative designs and cutting edge heating technology. Amana offers three different styles of gas furnaces:

No matter which unit you select, an Amana gas furnace is an excellent investment for any home.

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Benefits of a Modulating Furnace

Amana’s modulating gas furnaces offer homeowners unrivaled comfort and efficiency without the constant fan noise. A modulating furnace is a great long term investment, saving you money on heating costs throughout your home ownership. When the modulating furnace initially kicks on, it heats air at the highest heat setting, instantly warming your home to the desired temperature. After the heat has built up, the furnace operates at lower levels – essentially driving less heated air into your home at more frequent intervals. The less heated air being circulated leads to significantly lower heating costs. You’ll feel heat warming your house, without the accompanying whirring of a fan. 

Efficient Variable Speed Furnace

A variable speed furnace, refers the furnace motor. The motor operates at different speeds to control the flow of heated air throughout your family home. The motors in Amana’s variable speed furnaces consume less electricity than standard motors, which considerably lower your overall energy costs. This furnace will quickly and effectively heat your home for years to come. 

Reliable Multi-Speed Furnace

A multi speed furnace functions on two different settings. Typically, it will run on the lowest setting for most of the day. However, if there is a sudden drop in temperature outside, or an additional demand for heat, it kicks into the high setting. This provides additional heat into your home keeping it comfortable no matter the outside temperature. The Amana multi-speed furnace is quiet and durable with low overall maintenance costs. The adjustable heating output is more fuel efficient, since it only kicks into high gear when needed. Milwaukee HVAC Experts are Here to help at Donovan and Jorgenson, we want to ensure you make an informed decision before investing in a new furnace. We welcome you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about installing a new Amana furnace.

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