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Milwaukee HVAC Experts Beat the Heat

Don’t suffer in the heat this summer. Our Milwaukee air conditioner installation services will keep your home cool, comfortable, and humidity-free. Donovan and Jorgenson’s experienced HVAC technicians provide friendly service with quality installation. 

Armstrong Air HVAC Company

We are partnered with Armstrong Air’s advanced technology to give you reliable HVAC equipment and keep you cool all summer.

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Armstrong Air Conditioner Types and Models

Choosing the right cooling system for your home is tricky, especially when presented with numerous models and types. Let us help you narrow down your options.

These are some of the most popular types of Armstrong Air Conditioners:


When the house gets warm and humid, the system turns on at 100%, removing heat and blowing warm air through an indoor coil. Captured heat is exhausted out, maintaining the desired temperature in your home. The process repeats when necessary.

Available 1-stage models:


The air conditioner runs at either medium 67% or high 100% capacity depending on the temperature of the house. This saves energy costs tremendously. The system ramps up slowly, running continuously until the desired temperature is reached. Process repeats when necessary.

Available 2-stage models:

Variable Capacity

System operates like a dimmer switch, slowly or quickly cooling the house. We install and repair model 4SCU20LX.

Reliable Wisconsin Cooling Specialists

A dip at the pool or a jump in the sprinkler can’t beat the feeling of a comfortable home, free from humidity. Our Wisconsin air conditioner installation crew provides top-notch service with quality Armstrong Air systems.

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