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Armstrong Air Heat Pumps

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Armstrong Air Heat Pumps are units built for heating and cooling your home. During the summer months, they remove heat from cool rooms to the warm outdoors. These products also heat the cold air taken from winter’s outdoor air and use it to heat the home. Though heat pumps do not generate heat, they still efficiently move heat around to a comfortable level. There are two major factors you'll appreciate with these units:

Donovan & Jorgenson supplies and installs Armstrong Air Heat Pumps in the Milwaukee residential area. Luckily for weary HVAC shoppers, we have a diverse selection of heat pumps with varying capabilities so you're able to quickly place an order on the supplies or equipment you need. If you have any questions or are interested in a quote, call us today!

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Armstrong Air Heat Pump Models for Sale

Single-Stage Performance

Armstrong Air’s single-stage performance heat pumps are built in 4 models. Each version is similar in function, but different in efficiency and power. Even so, all models compress the air one only once. Single-stage performance heat pumps are great for durability and lasting a long time.

Featured Single Stage Armstrong Air Heat Pump Models

15.0 SEER Efficiency 15.0 SEER Efficiency 14.0 SEER Efficiency 14.0 SEER Efficiency
8.5 HSPF Efficiency & Heavy-Duty Compressor Blanket 8.5 HSPF Efficiency 7.7 HSPF Efficiency 7.7 HSPF Efficiency

Two-Stage Performance

Donovan & Jorgenson provide two-stage heat pumps from Armstrong Air brand. By compressing the air twice, the heat pump will operate longer, switch to a higher power on hot days, and run at moderate speed during days with mild weather. It’s the perfect combination to keep you comfortable all year long. We recommend the 4SHP16LS heat pump model for optimal heating & cooling. 

Benefits of the Armstrong Air Pump

0 SEER Efficiency
5 HSPF Efficiency
Pro Series™ Systems
Comfort Sync Compatible

Variable-Capacity Performance

Milwaukee’s HVAC technicians at Donovan & Jorgenson have been serving the area for over 30 years. Within those 30 years, we have earned the trust of our loyal customers and continue to supply and install the best HVAC systems in the industry. Armstrong Air’s Variable-Capacity heat pump adjusts to the environment gradually, similar to a dimmer switch. 

Features of the Armstrong 4SHP20LX Air Pump

0 SEER Efficiency
0 HSPF Efficiency
Pro Series™ Systems
True Variable-Capacity Cooling

No longer do you have to deal with sweating in your own home during the summer or spending winter nights buried beneath multiple blankets. Armstrong Air Heat Pumps are designed to serve you during every season of the year, regulating and circulating air throughout your home based with the purpose of keeping you comfortable at all times. Don't wait another day - order your replacement heater or air conditioner from Donovan & Jorgenson today!

Order your next air conditioning or heating unit when you contact our Armstrong Air Heat Pumps supplier in Milwaukee today! 
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