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Wisconsin Furnace Installers Keep Your Home Warm

As brutal as our Midwestern winters may seem, help is on the way with Armstrong Air furnace installation in Milwaukee. These systems provide constant heat throughout the frigid season, protecting your home from the ‘deep freeze’ and everything in between.

Armstrong Air HVAC Company

Armstrong Air offers two types of furnaces: gas and oil. Both make heating your home easier, however there are some differences. 

Donovan and Jorgenson will help you choose the best option for your home to keep you comfortable all winter.

Armstrong Air Gas Furnace Types and Models

Differing types of gas furnaces depend on the consistency of warmth blown.

Learn more about Armstrong Air gas furnaces.

Get an Armstrong Furnace

Consider our selection of Armstrong Air heating systems and models including:

Standard Single Stage

As the designated temperature lowers, the furnace kicks in at 100% capacity, working until the temperature reaches its stopping point.

Standard single stage models available:

  • A951S
  • A951A
  • A931A
  • A801A

2-Stage, Single Speed

Set temperature plunges, and furnace works at only 70% capacity while burning less fuel.

2-stage single speed models available:

  • A962E
  • A951E
  • A801E

2-Stage, Variable Speed

As temperature lowers, furnace ramps up at 70%, gradually turning on and off on its own to maintain temperature.

2-stage variable speed models available:

  • A97MV
  • A962V
  • A952V
  • A802V

Reliable Armstrong Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces work just as hard, heating oil from the tank to the burner by pump.

Learn more about Armstrong Air Oil furnaces.

Once the burner is injected with the fuel/air mixture, it’s ignited in the combustion chamber.

Standard Single Stage Models:

  • L83UF
  • L83HF/R
  • L83BF/R

Variable Speed Models:

  • L85UFV
  • L85BFV/RV
  • L83HFV/RV


Trusted Furnace Installation Experts

Choosing the best furnace for your home is confusing if you don’t know what your options are. Let Donovan and Jorgenson guide you through the process and install the perfect heating system for your home.

Contact the Wisconsin furnace installation company today for a quote on Armstrong Air HVAC systems.
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