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Energy Efficient Gas Condensing Boilers

2016 Energy Star Rated Bosch Heating Systems

Bosch is a leading global supplier of high quality, energy efficient comfort heating systems. Their line of Greenstar Boilers all boast an incredible 95% AFUE efficiency. AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) measures how efficient an appliance is in converting the energy in its fuel to heat. With an AFUE rating of 95%, this means 95% of the fossil fuels consumed become heat, and only 5% escape. The minimum AFUE rating for boilers is currently 82%.

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Bosch offers a wide selection of styles and types of energy efficient boilers for residential homes:

Gas-Fired Wall Mounted Condensing BoilersEnergy Efficient Milwaukee Boiler

This space saving unit easily connects to a hot water tank, with simple to use controls and unmatched performance. Incredibly quiet while operating, this gas-fired wall mounted condensing boiler features the Bosch exclusive keypad safety lock, ensuring no unwanted altering of the heating controls. Suitable for detached or terraced houses and apartments.

Gas-Fired Floor Standing Condensing Boilers

Extra insulation means incredibly quiet operation and unrivaled performance in homes and apartments. Bosch’s gas-fired floor standing condensing boiler is the ideal energy saving upgrade! Easy connection to your hot water tank and user-friendly controls ensure your home or apartment stays comfortable all year.

Gas-Fired Wall Mounted Combi Condensing Boilers

This reliable wall mounted combination unit is highly energy efficient, in a compact size. It features an aluminum-silicon heat exchanger, offering high efficiency and simple, effective control options. A fully modulating fan assembly ensures optimal combustion. This is an ideal upgrade for residential homes and apartments.

Gas-Fired Floor Standing Combi Condensing Boilers

This unit combines space and water heating in an efficient, space saving unit. Like the rest of the Bosch products, it features electronic ignition and a plated stainless steel heat exchanger. This guarantees a consistent temperature output, while preventing scale build-up within the heat exchanger. This is an ideal upgrade and can be used in all residential homes and apartments.

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