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Concord Heat Pumps Warm Milwaukee

Concord Air HeatersConcord Air believes in creating long-lasting comfortable HVAC systems for homes. Each heater is built to last to keep energy and maintenance costs down. Donovan & Jorgenson installs, maintains, and repairs Concord heaters in Milwaukee area homes.

Concord offers multiple types of heaters:

A Concord heater is a great, affordable addition to your home.

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Benefits of Gas and Oil Furnaces

Gas furnaces from Concord include single-stage motors, two-stage operation, and variable speed fan motors. Each motor and fan type affects how the furnace performs for your home. Smaller homes may only need a single-stage motor while larger homes will need more effective units. Donovan & Jorgenson NATE-certified HVAC technicians help you select the furnace configuration for efficiently warming your house.

Due to the colder Wisconsin climate, 80%-95% AFUE furnaces are recommended to reduce energy costs. Concord gas furnaces are available from 80% or 95% AFUE.

The three types of oil furnaces from Concord have 83% AFUE. All use a steel heat exchanger and have fiberglass cabinet insulation.

How Concord Heat Pumps Keep Down Heating and Cooling Costs

Concord heat pumps are able to both heat and cool your home, making these HVAC units popular in Wisconsin. A single pump can keep you comfortable through winter and summer. Heat pumps from Concord are Energy Star certified for affordable performance.

Heat pumps can be paired with a Concord gas furnace for even more savings.

Contact Milwaukee’s HVAC specialists to arrange Concord furnaces and heat pump services.
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