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VisionPRO IAQ 7-Day Programmable Comfort SystemHoneywell Thermostats VisionPRO

Set the perfect temperature every day with a Honeywell Thermostat. Donovan and Jorgensen carries Honeywell Thermostats which go with virtually any heating and cooling system. Honeywell Thermostats are compatible with a variety of HVAC systems, and are designed to provide optimal indoor comfort regardless of the weather. Once you install this thermostat, the smart change/check reminders warn you when filters, UV bulbs, and humidifier pads must be change, helping you quickly update your HVAC system when it is in need of maintenance. The Visionpro IAQ 7-Day Programmable Honeywell Thermostat provides unmatched accuracy, dependability, and temperature control throughout the year. By installing this thermostat, you’ll control the air quality and temperature in your home every day for maximum comfort and energy-efficiency. Featuring an easy to use all-in-one control, Honeywell thermostats distribute an equal amount of hot or cold air throughout any vicinity, dramatically reducing your yearly energy bills. Studies show the Visionpro model can cut your yearly electric bill by up to 33% when used correctly. When you’re looking for an easy to use, eco-friendly thermostat for your home or building, contact Donovan & Jorgenson for a Honeywell Visionpro 7-Day Programmable Comfort System.

Honeywell Thermostat Features:

Model Numbers - YTH9421C1010, YTH9421C1002, TH9421C1004

VisionPRO 8000 7-Day Programmable ThermostatHoneywell Thermostats

Donovan and Jorgensen is proud to bring you the Honeywell Visionpro 8000 7-Day Programmable Thermostat. This thermostat is a practical compliment to your HVAC system, providing maximum energy-efficiency, comfort, and temperature/air quality control abilities. Install this innovative thermostat when you’re looking to save energy while properly ventilating your home. A backlit digital display shows the temperature and air quality readings in all lighting conditions, and also contains a real-time clock. This clock functions after power outages, and updates the time after daylight savings as well. The Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Thermostat is popular for its customization abilities, letting you change the temperature/air quality every day based on changing seasons. A built-in humidity sensor shows the humidity while letting you control dehumidification. The display also has smart change/check filters when filter and battery changes are needed. When you’re leaving home for a long time, use the override settings to set temperature/air quality control to prevent mold from growing over time. Air is distributed evenly throughout your home or building, keeping the entire building well-ventilated. Your family and employees will never feel too hot or too cold once you install this eco-friendly, dependable Visionpro 8000 Honeywell Thermostat.


Model Numbers - TH8110U1003, TH8320U1008, TH8321U1006

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