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LG Ductless Air Conditioners

Single & Multizone Air Conditioning Systems for Sale

Room Cooling Units Perfect for Light Commercial & Residential Use

LG ductless air conditioners are exactly what you'd expect. With Donovan & Jorgenson, there are no add-ons, no last minute adjustments and no surprises. When you order residential or light commercial air conditioning systems, we get you a quote on your products and ship them as soon as possible so you can spend less time browsing for units and even less money on essentials for your office. LG ductless single zone air conditioners and multi zone air conditioning systems are a great choice because they are: 

Between single and multizone options, there isn't an air conditioner or system you can't find at Donovan & Jorgenson. Our Milwaukee HVAC company is dedicated to supplying you with the equipment, units and accessories you need as quickly and affordably as possible. Ask our other customers - we really are the best distributor to turn to when you want products like LG's duct-free systems.

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Single & Multi Zone Ceiling Mounted Units

The perfect choice for getting air flowing in a small office space, ceiling mounted air conditioners from LG are one of our most popular products. The 4-Way Cassette is constructed for indoor use and has duct-free split heat-pump systems to keep rooms feeling comfortable every month of the year. 

Features of the Ceiling Mounted 4-Way Cassette

Chassis Cooling / Heating BTU System Compatibility
2' x 2' or 3' x 3' 9,000 / 11,000 or 11,000 / 14,000 Single & Multizone

Single & Multi Zone Wall Mounted Air Cool Systems

With a wide range of options, it is nearly impossible for customers not to find the exact wall mounted air conditioning units they need. These single zone products are great for small to mid-size rooms and keep you and your employees comfortable. The wall mounted air cooling systems you can order from Donovan & Jorgenson include: 

Art Cool Mirror 

Decked out with a reflective, mirror-finished exterior, the Art Cool Mirror ductless air conditioner is great for customers who want to give their office space a touch of style. 

Cooling / Heating BTU


Art Cool Premier 

Although less "stylish" than the Art Cool Mirror, the Art Cool Premier ductless air conditioning unit is just as efficient and blends in with just about any office space.

Cooling / Heating BTU


Art Cool Gallery

Designed for artists and those who like to personalize their spaces, the Art Cool Gallery AC from LG is equipped with a frame for you to customize your unit with a photo or piece of art!

Cooling / Heating BTU

Extended Piping 

With Wi-Fi capabilities, the Extended Piping ductless air conditioner is a huge draw for small offices where you want to be in control of the temperature of your room without getting up and down to change the settings every few hours. 

Cooling / Heating BTU

Product Type

High Efficiency

If you're in search of the most energy-efficient wall-mounted air conditioner, the High Efficiency model from LG is your perfect fit!

Cooling / Heating BTU


The latest wall mounted air conditioning unit from LG, the Mega model is a great option for customers who have larger spaces they need regulated!

Cooling / Heating BTU


Single & Multi Zone Ducted Air Conditioners

You've been in search of duct-free air conditioners, but if you've changed your mind, call us today! Donovan & Jorgenson also carries ducted air conditioners for you to consider - in both high static and low static models. Whichever type of AC you go with, make sure you place your order with our Milwaukee HVAC company!

High Static

Engineered to be installed indoors and on the ceiling, ducted high static air conditioners may be your perfect match - order yours today!

Cooling / Heating BTU

Low Static

While you may be in the market for single zone ducted air conditioners, don't limit your options! Check out the low static AC from LG if you're looking for units with a broader system compatibility. 

Cooling / Heating BTU

System Compatibility

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The Multi Zone Air Conditioning Units for Sale at Donovan & Jorgenson

Indoor Air Conditioning Units

When ordering ductless multi zone AC products at Donovan & Jorgenson, there are a multitude of options you have when it comes to indoor units. The specific air conditioners you can order from our Milwaukee HVAC company that have been built for indoor use include: 

If indoor units aren't what you're looking for, feel free to check out out the outdoor ductless air conditioners we have for sale. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us today for more information on our LG products.

Outdoor Ductless Air Conditioners

With the ability to support up to 8 indoor units, the Multi F outdoor duct-free air cooling unit from LG has been efficiently designed to give you the most flexibility of any of the products on this page. Don't mess around online - order the AC products you're looking for today!

Features of the Multi F

Series Cooling / Heating BTU Ports
CHV 18,000 - 24,000 - 30,000 - 36,000 - 48,000 - 54,000 - 60,000  2

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