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How does a Zone System Work?

Zone systems are a great way to even out your home comfort system and save you money at the same time. By "zoning" areas of your home, you can heat or cool only the areas you use the most. As an example: A typical two story home with a basement would be zoned by floors. The 2nd floor would be one zone, the main floor would be one zone and the basement would be one zone.

This is a great option for homes with a finished basement since basements are typically cooler than the rest of the house. Since each zone has its own thermostat, the basement in this case can be heated in the winter without heating the entire house. Another example would be in the summer time, the 2nd floor is typically warmer than the rest of the house. With a zone system, you can cool only the second floor in the summer to make for a comfortable nights sleep.  This also results in less system run time, since now your system is heating or cooling a smaller area which saves you money on your bills!

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