Tips to Make Your Air Conditioner Run Better This Summer

Keep Your Milwaukee Home Cool All Summer

High Temperature ThermometerWhen the weather in Wisconsin gets warmer it’s time to start thinking about your air conditioner. Problems with A/C units are always inconvenient, yet far too many homeowners don’t give much thought to their A/C units until it breaks down. At Donovan & Jorgenson, we’re happy to help you with all your air conditioning system repair and maintenance services.

No one likes a house hotter inside than outside. Here are a couple tips from our HVAC experts to ensure your A/C unit operates smoothly this summer.

Fix A/C Problems Before They Happen

Many A/C unit problems stem from a lack of maintenance and cleaning. A small leak in the air transportation ducts can grow over time, causing the unit to become less efficient as summer goes on. By the time you realize there’s a problem your energy bills will be sky-high.

A/C tune up prevention service from Donovan & Jorgenson is the best remedy to problems down the road. We check you’re A/C unit and HVAC system for leaks, worn parts, and dirty filters and coils.

Spring Cleaning Leads to Cool Summers

A typical household’s air conditioning is comprised of two units: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Keeping these units clean can lower your home’s energy usage by keeping the system efficient.

Outdoor AC Unit MilwaukeeCleaning an Outdoor A/C Unit

  1. Be sure to only clean the outdoor unit in warm weather as the compressor won’t work properly below 60 degrees F. Start by shutting off the unit’s power. Either disconnect the power box by pulling out the plug or flipping the switch, whichever option your unit has.
  2. Once the outdoor A/C unit is shut off remove the outer covering and clear any outdoor materials sucked onto the fins (i.e. cut grass, leaves, dust, dandelions, etc.).
  3. Check the fan. If you can remove it to clean, do so. Most fans have motors which are maintenance free, but some have lubrication ports. If your fan has lubrication ports, inspect the fan to make sure it’s running properly. If you determine it needs some additional lubrication put only a couple of drops of electric motor oil into the ports.
  4. Most compressors don’t require any maintenance. However, if your system is an older belt-driven compressor, it might need to be lubricated. In any case, check the bottom of the compressor for drops of a dark substance. If you find any, it means your outdoor A/C unit is leaking oil and maybe even coolant. If you notice a leak, contact our experienced Waukesha HVAC technicians right away to repair your system.
  5. When you’re done, be sure to turn the outdoor unit back on. To prevent any damage to the compressor, it’s best to restart your system within 4 hours of unplugging it.

Cleaning an Indoor A/C Unit

  1. When working on the indoor A/C unit be sure to shut off the furnace first.
  2. If possible, vacuum the interior chamber where the plenum is and the blower cabinet. This area is prone to dust buildup.
  3. Change the filters (near the bottom) to improve circulation of the air going through the ventilation ducts.
  4. Check the condensation drain tube and make sure it’s not clogged. If clogged pour a bleach solution through to clear it up.
  5. When finished turn on the furnace again.

One Great A/C Trick

It only takes a little effort to prevent your A/C unit from creating big problems when you need it most. Bottom line, Donovan & Jorgenson want to help any way we can.  If anything comes up with your A/C unit give us a call at 262.968.4086. To reach our emergency HVAC services hotline call 262.784.6440. Our friendly staff will send a certified professional to fix your air conditioner as quickly as possible. 

Contact the A/C system repair specialists today and receive the best quality cooling service in the Milwaukee Metro Area.
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