How to Avoid (another) Disgusting Wisconsin Summer

Simple Springtime HVAC Cleaning and Home Health Tips

Milwaukee HVAC Services include ACLike many Wisconsinite's waistlines, HVAC systems aren’t in the best shape after a long winter. Good news: getting your air conditioning system back  into peak condition takes a lot less effort than jogging off the hibernation weight.

Need motivation? Here’s the down and dirty on why you NEED to clean and service your HVAC this spring:

DO IT NOW (read: BEFORE the first heat wave) so you’ll be cool and comfortable when it’s hot and sweltering--instead of sweating it out waiting for the repair guy (like everyone else who didn’t plan ahead).

Fortunately, our NATE-certified technicians work with most major air conditioner brands:

Spring Cleaning for Your HVAC

Cleaning your home’s HVAC is pretty simple but it'll probably take a few hours if you've never done it before. If your yard gets a lot of plant stuff blowing HVAC Spring Cleaning Tipsaround in spring (like poplar or cottonwood tree fluffies) you might have to clean the outdoor unit weekly or even more often.

Here are some basic HVAC cleaning instructions a decently handy homeowner can follow. Above all, you must replace your air conditioner filter. A dirty filter stops filtering. Then dust, mites, pollen, bacteria and all kinds of nasty stuff sneak by, polluting your house and lungs.

How often does your home air filter need to be changed? It depends. 

Your filter gets dirty faster from:

How can you tell when it’s time to change the filter? Find it, check it out, and it if looks dirty, it’s time.

If you don’t want to spend half your Saturday cleaning your HVAC, just call an air conditioning specialist at Donovan & Jorgenson. You'll relax knowing it was done right and you still have your whole weekend to enjoy. We'll replace your filter too!

Trust us, the cost of an A/C tune up it is worth it, and your future self will thank you for the reliable cooling, reasonable energy bills & fewer repair expenses.

HVAC Maintenance No-Brainers

Enjoy having the windows open while you can--soon southern Wisconsin will start feeling like Dagobah and we’ll all be stuck indoors again.

Be sure to clean your window treatments and floors before you turn on the air conditioner—otherwise all the dust & pollen you let in will just blow around your home.

If you’re doing any spring planting or gardening, leave at least two feet of space around your exterior HVAC unit. When you do yard work, check for weeds or vines creeping up on the HVAC and make sure it has room to breathe.

Seriously consider a professional air duct cleaning to really get rid of the dust, bugs, rodent droppings and other particulates contaminating the works. A duct inspection and cleaning also gives you the opportunity to fix small issues before they turn into big expensive problems.

Schedule your Milwaukee A/C maintenance and cleaning now, and have a less disgusting summer!
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